Falcon American Oil (FAO)

Falcon American Oil (FAO) operates throughout the USA from a Michigan based headquarters. FAO handles multiple aspects of oil and gas exploration, as well as the production of both. There have been more than 56,000 oil and gas wells drilled, producing more than 1 billion barrels of oil in Michigan; experts believe this may be less than half of the reserves remaining

FAO specializes in the management of oil and gas exploration. From initial data collection to analysis through production, FAO utilizes the most advance technology available to increase efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. The technologies available at the moment include passive seismic spectroscopy, 2D / 3D seismic, aeromagnetic, gravity, and geochemical analysis; combined, they reduce risk and minimize cost (dollar per barrel) to all involved parties.

We at FAO understand the risks and rewards in all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production. We work hard to ensure that all data is transmitted to your decision making team in simple, easy to understand terms to help ensure a positive investment experience.